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With over three decades of industry knowledge, we are a leading market maker. Combining sophisticated technology and advanced risk management we offer institutional investors tailor made prices in options, futures and ETF’s around the globe.

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Consistent, competitive and fair prices. That’s what we stand for. At Optiver we strive for fast response, tight spreads and have the capacity for large block-size trades in a wide range of financial products around the world even under difficult market conditions.

With over 1000 Optiverians around the globe, we combine sophisticated technology with a thorough understanding of the underlying markets. Our unique long-term experience, risk management and market obligations mean that market participants benefit through lower liquidity risk and lower implicit transaction costs.

The Institutional Trading team performs Optiver Asia Pacific’s off-screen trading, facilitating hedge funds, asset managers, bank trading desks and structured product desks.

We provide liquidity in these markets, just like we do on screen, but in larger block sizes. We pride ourselves on being the market leaders in the major Asian derivatives markets by showing competitive prices with fast response times.

While screen trading remains at the heart of what we do, the changing market structure has made Optiver a counterparty of choice for the wholesale market and investment funds. True to our principles, Optiver charges zero commissions – what you see is what you get.

Our principles

  • Discretion & respect for our CPs
  • Responsiveness
  • Continual price improvement
  • Strive to be the best price in the market


  • # 1 in HSCEI
  • # 1 in HK single Stock options
  • # 1 in Kospi
  • # 1 in SGX China A50 Futures
  • Top 3 in the Nikkei

    Providing Liquidity

    We are consistently one of the largest liquidity providers for the following asset classes:


    We utilise the end users’ existing clearing and execution broker relationships, which means no additional paperwork is required and we handle the post-trade complexities with their clearers / brokers.

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